FAA/DOT Update

The FAA/DOT is launching an initiative to require the registration of unmanned aircraft systems.  Part of the process will include establishing a task force to make recommendations on the new regulations.  Keep in mind that use of UAS in agriculture is considered a “commercial” activity, and thus does not qualify under the “hobby/recreation” exemption.

All commercial flights of UAS for agriculture need to be conducted under a FAA Section 333 exemption, which already requires registration of unmanned aircraft. Similarly, “public” users of UAS are already required to register their aircraft as a part of the COA application process.

At this time the Unmanned Aircraft Systems in Agriculture Learning Network core leadership team is uncertain about how this new registration initiative will impact “commercial” and/or “public” use of UAS in Agriculture.  The team is also uncertain how this initiative will impact the proposed new small UAS rules that remain under review by the FAA.  However, the team is watching developments carefully, and will be providing agricultural related information as it becomes available.

More information on the initiative can be found at http://www.suasnews.com/2015/10/39203/u-s-transportation-secretary-anthony-foxx-announces-unmanned-aircraft-registration-requirement/


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