National eXtension Conference, 2016

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Unmanned aircraft are viewed as a ‘disruptive technology’ that have the potential to revolutionize agricultural production and make meaningful contributions to food systems security and sustainability, amidst a variety of anthropogenic, biotic, and climatic threats and challenges. The fundamental premise is that unmanned aircraft (UA) will provide an unparalleled opportunity to place sensor networks across agricultural settings, on a near real-time basis, to support dynamic management of complex production systems.

UAS Team poses for a picture in front of the Hyatt Riverwalk Hotel in San Antonio, TX

UAS in Agriculture Learning Network Leadership Team meets face to face at the National eXtension Conference in San Antonio, March 22-25, 2016.  L-R Wayne Woldt, Dennis Hinkamp, Victor Villegas, Dharmendra Saraswat, Jim Robbins, Susan Buffler


The UAS in Agriculture Learning Network held a workshop: The Unmanned Aircraft “i-Three Air Corps” Needs You: Are You Ready to be a Pilot and Chart New Directions for Agriculture Stakeholders and Youth?

The workshop provided an opportunity to engage in this rapidly emerging technology. The workshop included information on: types and attributes of common UA, overview of rules/regulations, and insights into sensor arrays and data processing. STEM and 4-H programming opportunities were also discussed, and a variety of UA were available to explore from a “first hand” perspective.

UAS worshop graduates posing with their certificates of completion

UA Workshop “graduates”

Mini drone crashes into and is hung up in lighting fixture

UA training takes a bit of practice

The workshop wrapped-up with hands-on flight, providing participants with an opportunity to fly unmanned aircraft.  Participants had a great fun flying and  earned honorary “eXtension i-Three Corps Unmanned Aircraft Pilot Certificate”, and will be recruited to engage in the development of a new youth curriculum focused on UA. This workshop and subsequent curriculum development will take place in partnership with the eXtension Unmanned Aircraft in Agriculture Learning Network (


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