Sensor Integration for UAS Flight Controllers

eXtension Unmanned Aircraft in Agriculture Learning Network logoDr.  Joe Mari Maja is a research sensor engineer at Clemson University’s Edisto Research and Education Center. His main work has centered on developing sensor automation technologies for South Carolina farmers and Clemson’s research scientists. He is currently in charge of the Sensor Laboratory at the Center where the technologies he develops are fabricated. The Sensor Laboratory is a unique laboratory in the Center where design and fabrication of electronic modules and its enclosure can be manufactured.

Prior to his work at Clemson, he worked as a Research Engineer at the Eagle Flight Research Center of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University in Daytona, FL. His work with the Eagle Flight Research Center was in the area of development of automation for manned aircraft.

Dr. Maja has developed several different technologies and you can find examples at .

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