May 18, 3pm CT: Webinar 9 Technologies & UAS in Education (recent FAA memo)

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Unmanned Aircraft in Agriculture Learning Network Webinar Series
Join us for the ninth in a year-long series of webinars on Wednesday, May 18th at 3pm Central Time 

Dr. Maciej Stachura
CTO of BlackSwift Technologies will present on their operations, what their company does and vehicles used by customers for agricultural applications as well as a soil moisture mapping platform developed with NASA.
Key words: photogrammetry, mapping, UAS systems, soil moisture, precision agriculture, UAS

Dr. Wayne Woldt of the University of Nebraska, Lincoln and Team Lead for the UAS in Agriculture Learning Network will then will discuss the May 4, 2016 release of the Federal Aviation Administration’s Memorandum of the interpretation of Educational Use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).
Keywords: FAA, education, UAS

Details here 


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