Think Before You Launch executes Drone visibility testing at the CoAAA Operation S.A.F.E. Fly-In

by Jessica Freeman, Sterling Wiggins

After a morning delay due to fog, things revved up quickly as ten ag aircraft from the area flew in to have their spray equipment tested, and learn about various safety topics.

The first day began with a demonstration by Agribotix of their Enduro UAS, their latest unmanned aircraft system. The unit is designed to carry a lightweight GoPro camera that can be used for aerial imaging. The UAS is currently operated under a Section 333 exemption under the 2012 FAA Reauthorization Act that allows the FAA to grant use of commercial UAS’s by exempting them from certain Federal Aviation Regulations. Constantin Diehl of UAS Colorado and Tom McKinnon of Agribotix fielded questions from the crowd about the way they use their aircraft and how they work with local aerial applicators.
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No fly maps now available to UAV pilots

By Bill McNeil

Hardly a day passes that we don’t receive a newsfeed about drones spotted in someone’s airspace. These events range from the infamous White House drone crash last year to unmanned aerial vehicles interfering with California firefighters and ongoing drone sightings by commercial pilots in restricted air space. The Federal Aviation Administration will implement regulations to control commercial UAV flights, but it’s recreational operators who actually pose the greatest risk.

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