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head shot of Dr. Wayne Woldt

Dr. Wayne Woldt – University of Nebraska, Lincoln – Project Lead

Dr. Wayne Woldt has developed a research and Extension program on the application of unmanned aircraft systems in agriculture and natural resources at the University of Nebraska – Lincoln. Specific areas of research and education include: deployment and flight operations of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS) performance characterization of autonomous navigation systems, sensor system development, sensor integration, and information management.

Dr. Woldt has a private pilot certificate, and has been conducting flight operations for 3 years within the context of the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued Certificates of Authorization(COAs). In addition, he has developed and delivered numerous Extension educational programs on unmanned aircraft in agriculture.



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Jim Robbins, University of Arkansas

For the past 16 years Dr. James Robbins has  been an Extension Specialist in commercial ornamentals at the University of  Arkansas Division of Agriculture. His role is to support all Green Industry businesses including garden centers, wholesale growers, and landscapers.




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Dharmendra Saraswat, Purdue University

Dr. Dharmendra Saraswat is an Associate Professor of Agricultural & Biological Engineering Department at the Purdue University.

His current research and extension focus is on data collection using field sensors that includes unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), application of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) for precision agriculture and managing natural resources through decision support systems and delivery of research-based information through native mobile applications. He has been involved in UAS applications for the last five years and delivered several Extension and professional presentations related to UAS.



Oregon State University Extension and Experiment Station Communications

Victor Villegas, Oregon State University

Victor Villegas is the Technology & Media Support Coordinator for Oregon State University Extension. Victor is an avowed aero geek and has had a lifelong interest in aeronautics. He originally studied aviation in college and has experience flying full size aircraft as well as R/C airplanes, helicopters and drones.

Victor is a drone advocate, co-moderates the Unmanned Aircraft and Agriculture and the Unmanned Aircraft Operators Google+ communities and loves to “drone on” about UAS technology, information, news and research every chance he gets. Victor also has the unusual distinction of being the world’s number one composer of quirky drone songs, published under the moniker – DroneSinger. As the “Weird Al of Drones”, he uses humor to educate and bring attention to drone issues and culture, while promoting their safe and responsible use.



Dennis UAS

Dennis Hinkamp, Utah State University Extension

Dennis Hinkamp is a multimedia production specialist for the Utah State University (USU) Extension and the College of Agriculture and Applied Sciences.

Dennis grew up in St. Louis and graduated from the University of Missouri – Columbia with a BS and MS in Journalism. His main interests in UAS technology are videography and photography. In addition he is working with USU researchers to use small drones for visual analysis of crops, weeds and forests. His “highlight reel” can be viewed here.  https://youtu.be/I2cXT8SQcOc

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LAEP 75th anniv head shot 2014

Susan Buffler – Community Project Manager

Susan Buffler has worked as a Project Manager with eXtension’s  Water Conservation for Lawn and Landscape and The Garden Professors Communities of Practice beginning in 2011.

Susan has a Masters of Science with emphasis in sustainable pasture management from The University of Connecticut and a Masters of Landscape Architecture from Utah State University’s Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning program. Her emphasis was on water quality design guidelines for agricultural landscapes.


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